Design District West Association Raising Funds for Additional Sign Toppers

Sign toppers are used throughout Dallas’ residential neighborhoods to help identify community boundaries and show community pride. In our original branding efforts, the design team suggested including sign toppers to help reinforce the district’s identity and build a sense of pride and place for the now mixed-use neighborhood. The sign toppers, along with the gateway elements and directional signs, were very successful in achieving this goal, yet only extended throughout the scope of that specific project.

As the public has become more familiar with the district and the opening of the Calatrava-designed, Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge nears, desire has been building to duplicate these efforts on the west side of the district. The Design District West Association announced today that they have begun a campaign to place sign toppers on their side of the district. Each topper costs about $125, yet has the capability to yield results as seen in the first phase of the project.

We, at focusEGD, encourage the Design District stakeholders and the community of Design enthusiasts in Dallas to support the fund raising goals and help complete the branding vision for the District. The result will be  a more cohesive and unified district. More information is available here.

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