focusEGD Begins Work on Dealey Plaza Restoration

focusEGD is excited to join Good Fulton & Farrell, Studio Outside and JQ Engineering in working to give a major facelift to one of the most historically significant public spaces in all of the nation: Dallas’ Dealey Plaza. A public-private partnership has yielded enough funds to begin Phase II of restoring what is considered “The Birthplace of Dallas” and also the busiest tourist attraction in the city  – not to mention homebase for some of our country’s biggest conspiracists.

Given the number of visitors to the site each year, Dallas city officials, as well as other proponents are often distressed by the current state of the plaza. Restoration has been due for quite some time and with the 50th Anniversary of the JFK assassination approaching in November of 2013,  the design team will be working hard to restore the plaza to its 1963 conditions.

focusEGD will be designing interpretive elements to be included at the site, in addition to branding and wayfinding elements. Project designers are proud to be taking part in such an important project – not just for Dallas, but for the nation as a whole.

Hear GFF architect Jon Rollins speak more about the restoration project here.


1909 Woodall Rodgers Freeway
Suite 415
Dallas, TX 75201
t: 214 661 6976