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DALLAS, TEXAS – When the new Parkland Memorial Hospital opens in March 2015, it will have more than 25,000 interior and exterior signs to help people find their way.

The vast majority will have been designed and placed by FocusEGD LLC in Dallas, which specializes in getting folks from Point A to Point B and telling them when they’re there.

That’s not as easy as it sounds.

Think about the last time you visited a hospital with a maze of connected buildings.

Now think about a complex as complex as Parkland, where FocusEGD is working with a dozen architectural firms on 4 million square feet of space in five major buildings and a parking garage. The signs must accommodate a fourth-grade reading level and 76 languages.

And hospital visitors are usually a distracted audience.

“When you go into a health care environment, you’ve got people who are either elated because somebody’s having a baby or not in a good place because somebody’s dying of cancer,” says Chris Bauer, managing principal and majority owner of FocusEGD. “Both of those extremes reduce the cognitive process that we have.”

Source: The Dallas Morning News by Cheryl Hall

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