A new look for Dallas’ Knox Street District

Walkable urban centers are a relatively rare commodity in Dallas, but for over 100 years, the Knox Street District has been one of these centers. Recently, as public demand has increased for these central urban areas, developers and land owners have embraced the opportunity to adapt and densify. With a landmark mixed-use development featuring Trader Joe’s coming to Cole Street and a reconfiguration of the district’s main drag, the experience of the Knox district is about to change. focusEGD has been charged with establishing a new front door to the district and in the process, a new brand identity. Gateway elements, directional signage and other improvements will enhance the sense of place and help clarify a complex parking situation.

In September, focusEGD contributed wayfinding expertise to a temporary installation run by the internationally recognized Team Better Block. For one weekend, Knox was transformed into a European style street, complete with a Dutch cycle track, an outdoor beer garden and additional sidewalk seating. Although the rain tried to spoil the fun, the event was a big success.

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