Freshjive to go Logoless and Brandless

The New FreshJive

The New FreshJive

Back in the day (I think it was a Wednesday), I wanted to be a skater and I had more than a few Freshjive clothing pieces. I can also remember their ads in Thrasher magazine that were very risque for the time. Well it seems that the current backlash in consumerism and brand application is continuing – Freshjive will remove all branding and logos from their clothing. Designer & owner Rick Klotz stated the lack of individualism as his decision. In an interview with “The Hundreds” fashion blog he said:

Throughout the years I’ve become uncomfortable with this business of branding and brand identity. I’m not the type of person that buys something for the brand name…. when I see kids wearing company logos it reminds of people who are trying to be a part of a “tribe” or “gang”, as if they need to be part of something, which seems to go against the idea of individualism in style.

How will this experience go? Hard to say. The idea that you cannot have a brand image by removing a logo is a concept I cannot truly get behind. As you can see above, a visual identity is still there, and it will become very recognizable.



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