Love Field Garage C
Love Field to expand Modernization program…

DALLAS, TEXAS – Starting in 2009 with expectations of increased traffic and demand due to the expiring Wright Amendment, Dallas Love Field has been busy with renovation projects.  This includes the new look to the iconic red facade, new air traffic control tower, and opening additional gates in 2014. The modernization program also includes the […]

Toyota Campus grows in Plano…

The new Toyota North American Headquarters is under construction in Plano, Texas. Recently some statistics were revealed that give a sense of scale to the 2 million square foot campus while also reinforcing the Toyota brand and interesting Texas themed comparisons. And the new site is …well, quite a sight. · More than 2,000 daily […]

McKinney and Olive Virtual Tour

Visit the link below for a virtual tour of FocusEGD’s latest commercial project, McKinney and Olive.

Oliran Johnson, focusEGD Principal, rides a camel.
Dedication to the project…

CAIRO, EGYPT – Experiential graphics projects take place all over the world. Most of our project work takes place here in the United States of America. However from time to time we work on projects overseas in harsh climates and it takes an extra bit of effort to see that the project is completed to […]

Being a team…

DALLAS, TEXAS – Every team is made up of people. The success of every team is dependent on its members to work together but also enjoy each other. We see it all the time with sports teams. Those that win usually have an incredible chemistry. They celebrate each other’s accomplishments and encourage each other when […]

Celebrating another year…

FocusEGD has been in business for 7 very successful years. We thank all of our clients and many others for making this possible. Thank you for a wonderful 7 years and here’s to many, many more.

Crescent Monument
Crescent Vision unveils monument

Due to recent surge in growth in the Uptown Dallas neighborhood, the block of Cedar Springs has seen the a 30 year old landmark undergo some pretty dramatic renovations. Recently The Crescent unveiled it’s new monument identity and fresh landscaping at the corner of Cedar Springs and Maple. This is just a small portion of […]

New Parkland set to open

The new Parkland Hospital is set to open it’s doors this week, beginning a transition from the current 50 year old facility to the new 2.1 million sq. ft., 17 story facility. At 6 a.m., Thursday, Aug. 20, the Rees-Jones Trauma Center, Emergency Department, Urgent Care Emergency Department and Labor & Delivery services in the new Parkland Memorial […]

Happy Anniversary focusEGD! 5 years!

It’s time to celebrate! Happy Anniversary focusEGD! 5 years!