Calfee greated another cool bike made from bamboo (a sustainable product). Check it out on their website at: Also check out the Bamboo Bike Project at: where they are building better bikes for the poor in Africas rural areas and stimulating a bicycle building industry to statisfy local needs.

Via DieLine (the worlds greatest packaging blog) Though I do not think I am exactly the target market for this $15,000 bottle of Glenfiddich whiskey I still find its design interesting and very tastefully done. Stamped silver, hand blown and number glass, hand stitched leather box, and some amazing details. You can read more and […]

Visited Century Modern in Deep Ellum yesterday. Walked away with a great vintage magazine rack, but coveted so many items in the store, including these great retro vacuums. I really love the relationship of the typography to the shape and structure of the object. If you are in the area. Be sure to check out […]

Because there’s one in each and every one of us:

I saw this movie at the SEGD conference in Austin, TX last year. It gave me an entirely new look at what graffiti can be all about. Very enlightening to see that graffiti artist have the same love of type as graphic designers ! bombit-themovie

Wow. This is something that at the moment is not very “marketing” oriented but I guarantee within 3 years this will be used for monumental advertising for monumental events. Check the video below and be amazed. 555 KUBIK | facade projection | from urbanscreen on Vimeo.

This is a link to a video installation that is shown in the The Standard Hotels elevator. It is an amazingly detailed HD video collage showing the ascension into Heaven from Hell and vice versa – all coordinated with the movement of the elevator. Check it out here:

Creating our new identity and developing new processes has been an exciting endeavor. We have painted our entryway and hallways to reflect this “rebirth” and to enforce the changes we have set forth to make. This is impactful, as every morning, when we enter, we are reminded to see the world differently.

Check out these nice “Arrow Hangers” from Unica. For us wayfinding design inclined this could be a great tongue-in-cheek decoration for around the office. For more information go here