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We approach every design project based on your objectives with a fresh eye, unbiased perspective and unrelenting enthusiasm. Our creative solutions result in designs that effectively communicate your brand while still making it stand out from the crowd. No matter the project size or scope, our design philosophy always remains the same- “great design is a result of understanding, collaboration and communication”.

We design solutions that are based in solving tomorrow’s problems; a shrinking planet with fewer resources, greater cultural diversity and interaction, not to mention an increasing rate of change through innovation. More information requires greater clarity to find what is meaningful.

Effective design requires envisioning what’s on the horizon: new materials, opportunities to minimize costs and reduce environmental impact, new methods, communications and manufacturing technologies - new ways of improving flexibility, function and overall experiences for our clients.


Auditing & Assessment



Static & Interactive Systems

There are few experiences more frustrating than feeling lost. It’s not only frustrating for the visitors, but for staff as well. Constant interruptions to answer questions about directions can reduce efficiency and drive up cost.

When people feel lost, business suffers.

It’s our job to create effective strategies for managing information that helps transform complex environments into intuitive and well-understood experiences that guide visitors to their destinations and create efficiencies for staff. An effective strategy includes plans for how the system of signs, messages and other naming and information conventions will be updated as a facility changes or expands. We create systems that are scalable for tomorrow.

Based on a thorough analytical process and a deep understanding of a facility’s various users, our team develops a cohesive set of wayfinding recommendations and solutions to help improve the user’s satisfaction.

Brand Integration





Themed Environments

The built environment is a critical part of an organization’s brand. Effective brands help attract and retain employees, create differentiated, positive and memorable experiences.

Brands are important themes and context in places where people work, learn, play and heal, through signage, environmental graphics and the architecture itself.

The understanding of how the client wants to be perceived by the public guides the design, interaction and hierarchies of the client's brand and even secondary brands associated with the environment.

Branding starts early in the process - in the selection of themes, materials, functionality and interaction with the architecture to create a cohesive design informed by the client's vision.

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