Being a team…

DALLAS, TEXAS – Every team is made up of people. The success of every team is dependent on its members to work together but also enjoy each other.

We see it all the time with sports teams. Those that win usually have an incredible chemistry. They celebrate each other’s accomplishments and encourage each other when they are slumping. We see baseball teams celebrate at home plate in walk-off wins, football teams with their wild end zone dances, and emotional antics of soccer (futbol) teams after scoring a goal.

FocusEGD is a team who celebrates too. We don’t have a home plate to mob each other around or a endzone to dance in but we do celebrate each other from time to time.

Throughout the year we take a moment to get away from project thought and celebrate a birthday with a lunch outing. Recently we celebrated one member’s birthday at the new Shake Shack at The Crescent. The food was delicious, but the time spent together was invaluable to the bond we have as a company and a team. The time spent round the table is our celebration time, a time we all enjoy in the success of working together.

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