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Update on DFWAIGA Design for GOOD: Hike + Bike Challenge

On June 6, 2012, DFWAIGA will be hosting GOOD IDEAS for Cities at the Lakewood Theatre. Moderated by Alissa Walker of GOOD Magazine and funded by Artplace, this event will showcase the final solutions devised by groups of creatives tackling challenges presented by city leaders of the Dallas Parks Foundation, DART, and The Office of Economic Development. During Design Week in mid-May, city leaders presented their biggest challenges to Dallas designers. focusEGD attendees Robbie Good, Todd Hardin, and Edna Monterrosa joined the Hike + Bike Challenge team, moderated by Dallas Parks Foundation’s Sam Stiles, the team also includes members from RTKL, Subjectmatter, Freese + Nichols, CBRE, and independent photographer Cindy Long. The team has met weekly at focusEGD’s uptown studio to hold charrettes and discuss the wayfinding, connectivity, awareness and use of Dallas’ hike and bike trail system. Next week Brian Murphy and Robbie Good will present a realistic and practical solution, including a fundraising component, to achieving the vision of a united and easy-to-use hike and bike trails system. With Dallas as one of six U.S. cities participating in the challenge, this is a very unique opportunity for the design community and city leaders alike.
To attend the event register via EVENTBRITE.

1909 Woodall Rodgers Freeway
Suite 415
Dallas, TX 75201
t: 214 661 6976