Working In Our Own Front Yard; focusEGD Implementing Signage at Klyde Warren Park

Our building here in Dallas, sits directly adjacent to the Woodall Rodgers Freeway – a sunken highway also known as US Spur 366. The 1.66 mile highway is part of a larger downtown loop that links together Interstate 35 on the west with US 75 and Interstate 45 to the East. 90% of the time, this relatively short stretch of road is a snarling mess of traffic. In fact, it rates highly on lists of America’s most congested freeways and just last year took the top spot in Texas. Ironically, the freeway was developed to relieve traffic.

"Woodall" in a rare uncongested state, prior to construction

Like many urban freeways built in the golden age of the automobile, Woodall Rodgers tore through our city, disrupting the urban fabric of our city’s core. It created a firm dividing line between Uptown to the north and Downtown to the south. Crossing the freeway on foot is noisy, lonely and generally unpleasant.

In the early planning stages of the 1970s, TxDOT wondered whether to elevate the freeway or bury it in a trench. The city wavered back and forth on which one it wanted and which one was most cost effective. What they settled on was half and half – the best (or worst) of both worlds. The selling point for the buried highway, however, was that they could eventually deck over it, which is exactly what they’ve now done.

Billed as an urban oasis, the 5.2 acre Klyde Warren Park will create a pedestrian link between Uptown and Downtown and attempt to restitch the urban fabric lost with the creation of the highway. focusEGD joins the team of McCarthy, The Office of James Burnett and Thomas Phifer and Partners to help bring the plan to life. Part of our scope includes the design and development of an electronic kiosk for park visitors.

Our team has spent the past 3 years watching anxiously from our office windows as the project takes shape and is thrilled to take part in such a huge development for the City of Dallas. Learn more about the project at the foundations website.


Current progress on Klyde Warren Park. Our building is the brown 5-story building in the front.



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